MB&F introduces the 40mm Legacy Machine 101

Full admission: this is the MB&F timepiece that we have been waiting for. The new Legacy Machine 101 (LM101) is every bit a MB&F, with that beautiful domed crystal and enormous flying balance wheel but the LM101 also features a brand new in-house designed movement, and perhaps more importantly, a traditional 40mm case. It looks incredible.

Finally! An MB&F that won't dwarf our wrist.

Finally! An MB&F that won’t dwarf our wrist.

MB&F has always pushed the boundaries with its various creations, it’s safe to say that this is a brand that doesn’t believe in doing things like everyone else. While that has meant an embarrassment of highly interesting products have trickled out of MB&F since it opened its doors back in 2005, those of us with meagre wrists (us included) or more traditional tastes have had to enjoy the brand’s watches in pictures, on other people’s wrists or if money is no object – buy them, and admire them in a watch box.

Maximilian Büsser, MB&F’s owner and creative director, was not oblivious to this, which is why in 2011 MB&F released its first timepiece with a traditional round case, the superb Legacy Machine One (picture below). While this seriously stepped up MB&F’s appeal  amongst more traditional watch buyers, at 44mm in diameter Legacy Machine One, and 2013’s magnificent Legacy Machine Two, were still a tad too large for certain wrists.

The Legacy Machine One was MB&F's first round watch. Seen here in platinum with a blue dial.

The Legacy Machine One was MB&F’s first round watch. Seen here in platinum with a blue dial.

Now however, MB&F has addressed the case size quandary decisively with its Legacy Machine 101. The LM101 as we said earlier boasts a more traditional 40mm case, and buyers have the option of rose gold with a silver dial or white gold with a anthracite color. Going purely on pictures, both options looking stunning to our eyes but there’s more to take in on the dial.

If you were to place the Legacy Machine 101 and Legacy Machine One side-by-side, you can easily see the heritage and similarities but the LM101 has its own distinct personality. You get one lacquer dial with blue hands for the time, and a circular power indicator at the six o’clock position also with a blue hand. This is in contrast to two lacquer dials and a vertical power reserve indicator on the Legacy Machine One. One thing that is shared by both watches however is the flying balance wheel. It’s exactly the same size on both watches but because the LM101 has a smaller case, it appears far more prominent to the observer.

Another differentiator between the two watches is the movement. As we said earlier, the Legacy Machine 101 features the company’s first in-house conceived and developed movement, the LM101 comprises 229 components and offers 45-hours of power reserve. MB&F called on the expertise of independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen to preside over the fine-finishing and decoration specifications, and as it’s a hand-wound movement, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking finishing in full.

The Legacy Machine 101 will retail for approximately US $60,000, and while neither the rose-gold or white-gold watches are limited editions, MB&F says it will only produce 30 of each per year.

When MB&F and Kari Voutilainen come together, this is the stunning result. A movement that is finished to perfection.

When MB&F and Kari Voutilainen come together, this is the stunning result. A movement that is finished to perfection.

MB&F is represented in the region by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. To visit their website, click here.

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