Celebrating 20 Years of Lange 1

Turning 20 is a big deal, especially when you’ve been representing the identity and core values of a brand like A. Lange & Söhne for all that time. On October 24 of this year, the iconic Lange 1 will have been in production for 20 years, and will continue to be tasked with upholding the brand values of the Saxon watchmaking company. To commemorate this event, Lange is releasing five different limited-edition watch pairs, consisting of a 38.5mm Lange 1 (for men) and a 36.1mm Lange 1 (for ladies). Both watches are just 10mm thick and each set is limited to a mere 20 pairs.

Lange is releasing five limited-edition watch pairs consisting of a 38.5mm Lange 1 (for men) and a 36.1mm Lange 1 (for ladies).

All of the commemorative watches feature a solid-silver dial, with the ladies watches also boasting 64 brilliant-cut diamonds set in the bezel. The sets are expected to retail at US $98,100 in pink gold, $100,500 in white gold and $122,900 in platinum.

When the original Lange 1 was first launched, it won critical acclaim because of its distinctly Saxon design traits and effortless elegance. The original featured the now iconic three-quarter plate, screwed gold chatons and screw balance, while making headlines with its outsize date window and asymmetric dial layout. Since then, there have been a number of Lange 1 special and limited edition watches, all of which reinforced the fact that Saxon precision watchmaking was back.

Here’s an image gallery that covers the last 20 years of the Lange 1:

Your introduction to Lange

If you’re thinking about taking the A. Lange & Söhne plunge but end up a confused mess of drool and pulled hair, a prudent course of action is to grab a Lange 1. The Lange 1, as we said earlier, really is an iconic piece for the brand, and is a great introductory point to not only the watchmaker but to high-end, truly spectacular watchmaking.

The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase was released earlier in 2014.

The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase was released earlier in 2014.

The Lange 1 hasn’t changed dramatically since its introduction in 1994, and this is a good thing. The Lange 1 family has grown significantly however, comprising 15 models with varying case diameters, in a variety of precious metals, and with complications to suit every need.

Introduced earlier this year, the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase (pictured above) is a great place to start, and is one of our favourite watches of the current A. Lange & Söhne collection.

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Update 10/10/2014

We’ve put up a new story that shows all of the new 20th Anniversary Lange 1 watch sets. You can find that story by clicking here.

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