Apple joins forces with Hermes to create new version of Apple watch

Apple is partnering with luxury brand Hermès – the result is a new collection of Apple watches, known as the Apple Watch Hermès. The new collection will sport a stainless steel case, offer three exclusive dial designs, and will be offered with a selection of straps that have been handmade by Hermès.

Apple is adding a touch of luxury to its line-up with the Apple Watch Hermès collection.

With regard to straps, the Apple Watch Hermès will be offered with Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff styles. The announcement, which was jointly made by Apple and Hermès, says that the straps will ‘respect the design and functionality of the Apple Watch’ and ‘merges Apple’s unparalleled production innovation with the heritage, iconography and craftsmanship of Hermès’. The brands say this creates a unique expression of the Apple Watch.

Hermès is the first luxury brand that Apple has chosen to work with. As with the standard Apple Watch line-up, the Apple Watch Hermès is offered in two case sizes – 38mm and 42mm.

Middle East pricing and availability has yet to be announced but the Apple Watch Hermès will, globally, be sold in both Apple and Hermès stores.

Our take

Ever since Apple first launched its Apple Watch, the consumer technology brand has tried to mimic the way in which traditional watch brands approach potential customers, and sell watches in stores. You may recall that the ‘Watch Edition’ of the Apple Watch is even offered with an 18-karat rose gold case (solid, not plated), and sports a precious metal price to boot.

The Apple Watch Hermès offers a number of different strap colors for each strap style.

The Apple Watch Hermès offers a number of different strap colors for each strap style.

This new partnership with Hermès seems like a natural extension of that strategy, and Apple has picked well. Hermès is respected for its high quality leather products for men and women, be they leather straps, belts, shoes, purses etc.

US pricing for the Apple Watch Hermès is said to start at $1,000, going up to about $1,500. The pricing depends on the strap style that you choose, and as with the regular Apple Watch editions, you can opt between a 38mm and 42mm case size to suit your wrist. You can also further customise your Apple Watch Hermès via a selection of special dials.

While we have no word on what Middle East pricing will be, the US pricing levels seem reasonable. Keep in mind that although the Apple Watch Hermès collection is more expensive than most of the stainless steel Apple Watch products, it is still a far cry from what you would normally pay for products baring the ‘Hermès’ name. Hermès wallets for men, for instance, retail for upwards of $1,500, while their leather belts are just shy of $1,000.

We’ll update this story once we have information on Middle East pricing and availability. Stay tuned.

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