Ten of Omega’s most iconic women’s watches

Omega has over a century of rich history with the fairer sex, in fact the brand’s first wristwatch for women went on sale at the start of the 20th century. Since that time Omega has maintained its connection with women around the world, offering delicate, technologically advanced, and attractively designed watches that appealed to every taste and trend, and this is something the brand continues to do today.

Cindy Crawford became Omega’s first brand ambassador back in 1995.

The Swiss company says that between 1894 to 1935, more than 35 percent of its advanced movement production was destined for women’s timepieces. The interesting thing to note here is that in 1894, Omega (then known by another name) was already producing engraved pocket watches for women. In plain English this means that Omega’s connection with women began before the company even got its current brand name. That’s incredible.

Since those early days of women’s watches, the brand has produced an impressive range of timepieces, and has even produced watches designed for women who were working in specific fields. One of the best known examples is Omega’s ‘Medicus’. Originally a men’s watch designed for doctors, Omega produced the Medicus – which had a center seconds hand – in a smaller size for women who worked as nurses.

Given how many different women’s timepieces Omega produced over the years, it’s impossible to highlight all of the iconic pieces. However, we can at least show you what Omega reckons are its ten most iconic women’s watches. Check out the gallery below.

All pictures in this article are courtesy of Omega.

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