Gallery: Photography overkill with MB&F’s incredible Legacy Machine 101

We have a lot of respect for MB&F at Horology Middle East, and within the independent brand’s creative portfolio, the Legacy Machine 101 stands as one of our favorite pieces. We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with the white-gold and rose-golf references, and decided it was the perfect time to go crazy with our camera.

The Legacy Machine 101’s case is comprised of 35 components.

The Legacy Machine 101 can be had with several different case and dial options, some of which are limited editions, and so are already out of production. The white- and rose-gold references in this gallery are not limited editions but are just as beautiful as the limited to 33 pieces platinum reference (our story here), and the limited to 51 pieces Frost (our story here).

What you’ll find below are pictures – perhaps an indecent number of pictures 🙂 – that will bring you as close as we could possibly manage to the timepiece and its components. But, as we’ve said before, if you truly want to experience the Legacy Machine 101, or indeed any timepiece from any brand, always make the effort to see it in person. If you’ve got questions about what you see (click and scroll through), leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you. Enjoy!

You can see the Legacy Machine 101 at the M.A.D Gallery Dubai, at Al Serkal Avenue. Visit their website here.

To learn more about MB&F, click here.

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