Watch-Spotting: We spotted a Speedmaster in ‘The Nice Guys’

‘The Nice Guys’ is a 2016 comedy/thriller that arrived and departed our shores in the Middle East with little fanfare. That’s a bit of a shame because it was a genuinely entertaining film starring Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and several other well known actors. The movie is set in Los Angeles in the 70s, and we spotted a couple of cool watches, one of which was an Omega Speedmaster.

The Speedmaster is clearly visible on Crowe's character in this shot.

The Speedmaster is clearly visible on Crowe’s character in this shot.

Both male leads rock interesting watches in this film but Russell Crowe’s Jackson Healy gets to show off his watch within the first 13-minutes. Not only is it seen for a fair few seconds on his nightstand but it is easily identifiable as a Speedmaster Professional. This isn’t the only time you see the Speedmaster in the film either, it peaks out from under Healy’s jacket every now and then (picture above) over the course of the 116-minute long film – a nice little treat for watch-spotters and Speedmaster fans.

The watch appears to be on a non-standard bracelet, which actually looks similar to the bracelet seen on the watch that Gosling’s Holland March wears. Unfortunately the film never really gives Gosling’s watch it’s fifteen minutes of fame, and the promo material that we found after an hour of ‘Googling’ didn’t have enough resolution for us to zoom in and figure out what’s on the dial (below).

If you know what watch Gosling's character is wearing, please do write in.

If you know what watch Gosling’s character is wearing, please do write in.

If you know what watch Gosling is wearing (or know the propmaster for this film :P), please drop us a comment below or write in to And, if you haven’t yet seen this film, we highly recommend that you do so because it really is worth seeing. The watches are just icing on the cake.

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