Omega launches Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday limited edition watch

Today, January 10, is a very, very special ‘Speedy Tuesday’. Why? Well, earlier today Omega unveiled the Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday limited edition, a watch that celebrates the online global community of #SpeedyTuesday fans, and marks Omega’s first e-tail effort.

Omega has given ‘Speedy Tuesday’ a big, official nod.

If you’re already a part of the SpeedyTuesday community, then this next bit isn’t for you but, if you don’t know what SpeedyTuesday is, allow us to explain. SpeedyTuesday was born in 2012 when Robert-Jan Broer, owner of well respected watchblog Fratellowatches, posted a wristshot on his Facebook account. The watch was a Speedmaster, and he had posted the picture on a Tuesday with the caption ‘SpeedyTuesday’. Shortly after this, Broer then decided to research and produce concise SpeedyTuesday articles focusing on Speedmasters, which were posted on Fratellowatches every Tuesday (simple beginnings are always the best :)).

From there SpeedyTuesday also became a popular hashtag on Instagram, as Speedmaster fans used the hashtag when posting wristshots of their beloved Speedmasters every Tuesday. For reference, today there are nearly 42,000 posts using the hashtag on Instagram alone, and Fratellowatches has produced hundreds of SpeedyTuesday articles. There’s no doubt in our minds that SpeedyTuesday is firmly a part of global watch-culture.

The Speedy Tuesday Speedmaster will be delivered with a watch roll and accessories.

Last year, shortly after Raynald Aeschlimann took the top job as CEO of the brand, Omega themselves jumped on the #SpeedyTuesday bandwagon, using the hashtag across its own social media channels. Now, with the launch of this limited edition Speedmaster, we can safely say that Omega has fully committed to supporting SpeedyTuesday.

Since the genesis of SpeedyTuesday took place in 2012, Omega has limited production of this special timepiece to – you guessed it – 2012 pieces only. The timepiece is a thing of beauty, it’s a 42mm Speedmaster Professional at its core and it is related to the Alaska Project III, a watch that Omega developed back in 1978. One of the traits that this new timepiece borrows from the Alaska Project III are the radial sub-dials – on these sub-dials the indications are positioned on the circumference/radius of each dial.

The caseback pays tribute to Speedy Tuesday and to the Alaska Project III watch.

This Speedy borrows other well loved elements from standard and limited edition Speedmaster moonwatches as well. There’s hesalite crystal to protect the dial (naturally), a vintage applied Omega logo at 12 o’clock (the same style of logo is also on the crown), the case has a brushed matte finish (bezel, pushers and crown), and the watch is powered by the bullet-proof 1861 hand-wound calibre.

One element that will immediately jump out at long time Speedy aficionados is the dial – this is the first time that Omega has ever produced a Speedmaster Professional with a ‘reverse panda’ dial. Standard moonwatches have all black dials and there have been a number of special/limited edition watches with all white dials or panda dials (white main dial and black sub-dials), but there has never been a reverse panda (black main dial and white sub-dials) Speedmaster Professional. So, if you wanted a reverse panda dial prior to the unveiling of this watch, you’d have to look for an automatic Speedmaster Reduced, which isn’t a proper moonwatch.

No surprises here, this Speedy is powered by the calibre 1861.

The limited edition Speedy Tuesday also boasts a significant amount of lume paint. You’ll find it on all three sub-dials, the minute track, applied hour indexes, hour/minute/main chronograph hands, and even the ‘Omega Speedmaster Professional’ text is printed using lume material. The watch is priced at US $5,800 and offered with a vintage style brown leather strap with pin/buckle, and a black & white NATO strap. Omega is shipping these watches in a special leather watch roll, which contains the watch, extra strap, a strap-changing tool, and the warranty cards.

Besides the fact that Omega worked with Fratellowatches to give the global SpeedyTuesday community something special, the way the brand brought this timepiece to market deserves mention. The watch was announced on Instagram in tandem with Fratellowatches, and the only way you can order this timepiece is by visiting Omega’s website (, and reserving your watch there. Once everything has been confirmed the watch will be dispatched (summer 2017) to an Omega boutique near you for payment and collection.

Omega has been generous with the application of lume paint on this Speedy. It looks brilliant.

This is the first time that Omega has brought a watch to market in this way, and it makes perfect sense because SpeedyTuesday has always been an online entity, driven by the online community.

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