Watch-Spotting: The watches of John Wick

We’re massive fans of 2014’s John Wick, which stars Keanu Reeves as the titular assassin. The action thriller was a hugely enjoyable film, and with John Wick: Chapter 2 playing in cinemas, we decided to re-watch the original before checking out the sequel. We also ceased the opportunity to do a bit of watch-spotting…

Wick wears his watch face down.

Within the first 10-minutes of John Wick, you see Reeves’ character is wearing a watch but it’s impossible to identify because he wears it face down. A few minutes later you also see his watch sitting on a night table but again, the angle of the shot makes it impossible to identify. The watch comes into full view just before the 30-minute mark (screenshot below), and can also be seen again – properly – a couple of times over the course of the film.

The watch is Carl F. Bucherer’s (CFB) Manero AutoDate in steel, with a white dial and black alligator leather strap. The timepiece measures 38mm in diameter, and pairs quite well with Wick’s generally dark dressing style. The watch packs an ETA-based calibre, known in this application as the CFB calibre 1965, and offers a power reserve of 42-hours.

It’s obvious Wick wears the Manero AutoDate a lot, just look at that bezel ;).

The Manero AutoDate is one of CFB’s entry-level offerings, and there are several references on offer (18 according to their website). Later in the film you actually see another Manero Date, also with a white dial, being worn by Willem Dafoe’s character, Marcus (picture below). Marcus’ watch is almost identical to Wick’s Manero AutoDate, however Marcus’ timepiece has a brown alligator leather strap. In the film Marcus is Wick’s mentor, and it got us wondering whether one assassin just got the other a gift as a ‘thank you’.

The choice of watches in John Wick is no coincidence, the film is directed by Chad Stahelski who is a brand ambassador for Carl F. Bucherer. Since Stahelski also directs John Wick: Chapter 2, we’re sure there’ll be a few CFB watches on display in the sequel too.

The second Manero Date can be seen for a few seconds in this scene.

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