Tag Heuer announces Raha Moharrak as its first Arab friend of the brand in the Middle East

Tag Heuer calls a number of people its friends and ambassadors and yesterday, on the 20th of September, the brand added Raha Moharrak to its ranks. Moharrak is the brand’s first Arab female friend of the brand, and gained notoriety for being the first Saudi woman and the youngest Arab to conquer Mount Everest and the Seven Summits. She’s clearly no stranger to pressure…

Raha Moharrak was just 27 years old when she reach the 29-035-foot summit of Mount Everest.

The new collaboration was celebrated at a private event in Dubai with several of Tag Heuer’s regional team in attendance. Moharrak shared insights into her life on the night, following which a short movie tying her ambitious and daring spirit to Tag Heuer was shared (watch it below).

As a mountain climber, Moharrak has accomplished much in what this writer thought was a surprisingly short period of time. She began climbing mountains back in 2011 and, incredibly, managed to summit eight peaks within the first 12 months including Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson, Aconcagua, and Mount Elbrus.

She’s also scaled the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

In 2013, at the age of just 27, she became the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to have reached the Summit of Mount Everest. On summiting Everest, she also became the first Saudi woman to have reached the top of the Seven Summits – the highest peaks on each of the seven continents of the world. She credits her parents with enabling her to dream big and achieve her goals.

Moharrak is now actively working towards promoting healthy lifestyles in Saudi girls, along with helping them to realise that they can achieve success in whatever they choose. This is a particularly important goal to Moharrak who herself faced challenges with her own exercise and training, since Saudi culture limits women’s ability to exercise and engage in sports. This, she notes, has led to increasing rates of diabetes and obesity throughout the country.

Moharrak had to overcome several obstacles including Saudi culture to achieve her ambitions.

The Swiss brand also ceased the opportunity to show-off its 2017 collection to guests at the invite only event including the 43mm Carrera Heuer-01 and the Aquaracer 300 Calibre 5.

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