MB&F’s HM7 Aquapod goes green and gives us serious envy, again!

A little over 12 months ago, MB&F gave the world its first aquatic inspired timepiece in the form of the stunning Horological Machine 7 (HM7). Today, the brand has announced a new green version and it has nothing to do with sustainability (in case you were wondering :P). So, whereas the HM7 was previously only offered in red-gold with a black ceramic bezel (66 pieces) and titanium with a blue ceramic bezel (33 pieces), there’s now a titanium reference with a green sapphire crystal bezel, which is limited to 50 pieces.

It’s back and it’s as green as we are envious ;).

Beyond the different bezel color and material (more on this later), this new HM7 is identical to its predecessors (read our original HM7 report here). MB&F has cleverly also given its newest baby green lume rather than blue, which as you can see from the lumeshot below, makes the watch look fantastic.

Having seen and experienced both launch references in person, we found it impossible to choose between the two. The titanium piece was light and suited our casual dress sense, whereas the red-gold watch had serious heft and just looked like a million bucks – it’s the sort of watch that’d encourage you to dress more formally.

This will be the watch to beat when it comes to Instagram lume battles.

With the introduction of the new reference, things have gotten more complicated still. The green bezel on titanium is a brilliant combination and, like its older titanium brother, it fits better with casual wear. Then again, perhaps the choice won’t be as difficult as we’re making it out to be because it’s nigh on impossible to get your hands on the older titanium reference.

Both the titanium and red-gold models were well received when they launched in January 2017, however the titanium model was the one that sold out first. It’s not hard to understand why; the titanium model had half the production run compared to the red-gold model and it was CHF 20,000 cheaper (MSRP). If you also take into account case material preferences that are somewhat dictated by cultural and religious sensibilities in certain parts of the world, it’s no wonder the titanium reference sold out so quickly. It therefore makes perfect sense that MB&F plans to produce a larger run of this new titanium model.

You still get a 303-part movement and a 95-part case.

Coming back to the watch itself, as I said earlier, it is for the most part identical to its predecessors. What this means is you still get a watch that looks unlike anything else on the market, it’s still not a watch you should dive or swim with and you still get that incredible, vertically arranged and immaculately finished automatic movement. As before, the gorgeous 60-second tourbillon sits right up top, the movement beats at 2.5Hz and you get a respectable 72-hours of power reserve.

What’s different on this watch is the way that green floating-bezel is produced. With the older blue and black bezels, the numerals and markers are first engraved in ceramic using a laser, following which the engraved sections are filled with metalised titanium. After that, the whole ring is polished to high gloss. On this new model, MB&F says that the sapphire crystal ring is first inserted in the bezel, following which the numbers and markers are metalised under the sapphire crystal, along with a layer of green lacquer.

The tourbillon sits up top and its surrounded by the aluminium/titanium hour and minute spherical discs.

The green HM7 Aquapod is expected in stores in the Middle East in the coming days and we can’t wait to see it in person. According to MB&F, international pricing is set at CHF 108,000 excluding tax. This is a CHF 10,000 premium over the previous titanium reference.

Tell us which of the three references you’d prefer in the comments below. To learn more about MB&F, click here.

It’s a beauty,

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