FHH launches Watch Live in Dubai

Following its launch in Hong Kong on June 27, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH)’s Watch Live learning app was launched in Dubai on July 11. Alongside the launch, the FHH announced Alexander Schmiedt as its new regional delegate.

Watch Live was launched at Ninive – Emirates Towers.

The Watch Live app was developed to enhance the knowledge of sales representatives and therefore their overall interactions with customers. The app is said to be the first ‘instant learning’ app concerned with watches and watchmaking.

The free to download app (subject to region) boasts product information, history and brand news, and there’s even a feed that compiles and displays information in an easy-to-digest manner. Watch Live is designed around three main pillars; follow, learn and play.

The app was designed by the FHH and eight of its partner brands.

At the time of publishing this report, eight brands (all from the Richemont group) were featured within the application, though more are expected to be added in the future. More brands joining the app will certainly enhance its potential user base around the world and therefore its usefulness. Given that the FHH comprises 42 partner brands, it’s not a stretch to assume that more brands will jump on the bandwagon, assuming they have resources to dedicate.

Alexander Schmiedt (right) was announced as the FHH’s new regional delegate.

The app is part of the FHH Academy, which was itself created to help sales staff improve their understanding of the watchmaking industry, in order to better serve and sell product to customers. Given that customers are now more educated due to digital channels and watchmaking in general has become more of a commodity item thanks to social media etc., the tool could be a useful learn-on-the-go tool to sales staff. Whether the app will become a part of a brand’s overall training programme for sales staff remains to be seen.

Alongside the launch and a demonstration of the app at Ninive – Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai, the FHH also announced the official appointment of Alexander Schmiedt as regional delegate for the FHH. Schmiedt is currently serving as the regional director for Vacheron Constantin in the Middle East.

According to the FHH, he is now the main point of contact for all FHH activities and is charged with collaborating with partner-brands. His key focus will be to develop new initiatives in the coming year to further increase the value and knowledge of fine watchmaking in the region.

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