Introducing the Octopod, a new eight-legged desk clock from MB&F and L’Epée 1839

The last time the creative geniuses at MB&F released an eight-legged desk clock, they sent horology lovers with a fear of arachnids running for the nearest can of bug spray. Those same folks can rest easy this time around however, as the Octopod is inspired by aquatic life, and can’t be mounted menacingly on walls and ceilings ;).

MB&F has added a new desk clock to its portfolio.

MB&F introduces ‘Destination Moon’, its latest desk clock with L’Epée 1839

After taking us to the depths of the deep blue sea with the incredible HM7 Aquapod, MB&F has its sights on the heavens once again with its newest desk clock, Destination Moon. The Horological Lab designed its newest creation in-house and turned to L’Epée 1839 for the final construction, and the result is stellar.

MB&F is blasting off for the moon with its latest desk clock.

MB&F introduces Balthazar, a robot clock with two personalities

We reckon the creative geniuses at MB&F bathe in a ‘creativity fountain’ because they always manage to surprise us with their beautiful horological creations. The independent brand has just announced its latest mechanical deskclock (it seems wrong to say it’s just a deskclock), a robot with two personalities named Balthazar.

Balthazar has two sides, this is his 'light side'.

Balthazar has two sides, this is his ‘light side’.

MB&F introduces a little robot called Sherman

There’s just no predicting what Maximilian Büsser and his eponymous brand will get up to next. In 2015 MB&F introduced Melchior with two legs, Arachnophobia with eight legs and now, on day one of SIHH 2016, we’ve got… caterpillar treads. No, you aren’t seeing things, and yes, MB&F has a new robot, and the cute little guy is called Sherman.

We're getting a cute Wall-E vibe from MB&F's latest horological robot.

We’re getting a cute Wall-E vibe from MB&F’s latest horological robot.

Unique MB&F Melchior joins Only Watch 2015 auction

When MB&F announced Melchior earlier in the year, it said that it was creating 99 pieces of the roboclock for customers, and that it would create, and donate, the 100th piece to a charity. True to its word, MB&F has just announced the Melchior unique piece for the Only Watch 2015 charity auction.

This is the 100th Melchior roboclock that MB&F talked about briefly, earlier in the year.

This is the 100th Melchior roboclock that MB&F talked about briefly, earlier in the year.

MB&F’s Arachnophobia crawls out from under the covers

If you have a crippling fear of creepy crawlies or the sight of a spider causes you to exercise your vocal cords uncontrollably, you may want to stop reading right now. If, however, insects, bugs and spiders don’t bother you or you’re the type that is intrigued by them, we invite you to join us in welcoming ‘Arachnophobia’ to the world of horology. Arachnophobia is MB&F’s most intense mechanical clock yet, and is the second clock that the creative brand has released this year, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

MB&F's latest tells the time with two hands and eight legs. It's brilliant.

MB&F’s latest tells the time with two hands and eight legs. It’s brilliant.